Mojo Factory Limited - Internet Publishing Consultancy / Intranet Development Specialists


Selected Projects: : Chartered Institute of Environmental Health : CIFAS : ClickPaper : CNN : Gigajam : Independent Schools : kultureflash : CLB Littlejohn Frazer : Lay & Wheeler : MFI : Microsoft UK : Photonica : Regent Street : Serco : SofaWeb : Sunflower Loans : The Papertrail : Wedding Venues : UK Golf Warehouse : Ultra Electronics are a UK company within the globally reknowned group - selling books, CDs, DVDs and other categories across their numerous sites.

They run amongst the most successful e-commerce enterprises in the world. Almost everyone who has used the internet has visited or heard of an Amazon site.

Since's launch we have produced many hundreds of advertising banners for their dedicated on-line marketing department.

Our regular brief is to generate copy, creative and campaign themes - which run across many well known sites (Yahoo, BBC, Lineone, AltaVista, FHM, Empire, Q-Online etc.) and often have limited shelf-life and require a very quick turnaround.

A number of the campaigns are award-winning, from design, copy and placement points of view.

We have also run a two year campaign of full-page print adverts for placement in glossy UK magazines, broadsheets and tabloids.


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